Look up!

On Valentine's Day, my husband took his two girls on a day trip to Waco and Austin.  75 and sunny in February...yes, please.  We were escorted the entire way by beautiful skies and returned sun-kissed and a little more freckle-faced (well, at least I did).  Going through my photos from the day, I realized something: the vast majority of them were of trees and sky.  And that made me happy, because how long has it been since I looked up?  Apparently awhile, because I could not seem to take enough pictures of the heavens, the tips of trees. 

I spend too much of my days stiff-necked at a computer screen, zoned-out watching a TV show, or immersed in the latest household emergency.  But looking up, I never regret.  The sky is the daily bread of the eyes, the breath of fresh air for the soul. 

When is the last time you looked up?

It's hard to see in this photo, but there was a wind chime dangling from a branch high up in this tree