3 simple joys: tree classrooms, wildflower bouquets, and baby friends.

"Rejoicing is the motivation of the Christian life.  If there is no gratitude there will be no change and no transformation."
~ Jerram Barrs (quote originally found on Flourish Online Magazine)

These 3 Simple Joys posts have transformed my days.  Here are my most recent ones...

Tree classrooms.

Wordsworth said, "Let nature be your teacher."  Have you ever seen a tree classroom?  Today, I did!  On a return visit to the Trinity River Audubon Center, we explored more, through the wooded trails.  We came upon this enormous, old pecan tree that created a canopy and carved out a little classroom in the middle of the forest.  There were even little makeshift benches made from tree trunks scattered around.

A pathway was flanked by two tall trees that looked like vaulting poles.  The trees there were towering and lovely, completely preserved, never to be cut down.

* * *

Wildflower bouquets.

The other morning, my husband woke me up and then handed me this wildflower bouquet that he had just picked from our backyard garden and arranged himself.  The stems were even tied carefully with twine so they would stand up correctly in the turquoise cup.  Tell me, what husband does that?  Mine.  Yup, I'm a lucky girl.

* * *

Baby friends.

What would we do without our friends Bre & John Taylor and their little boy Jack who live just 2 streets over?  {And don't forget little Liv in Bre's tummy!}  Jack and Luci Belle are less than 3 weeks apart and already best friends.  And it's a Godsend to have another mother nearby who is in the same stage in life...for not just sanity but encouragement!