Summer is here!

Summery things spotted on my walk this morning:

  • Fluffy Crape Myrtles blooming in all sorts of colors.
  • A family playing in their front yard: kids ran through a sprinkler that was whirring on full speed while the mom vigorously pumped a Super Soaker.  
  • Two teenage girls walking their tiny dog.  When I saw them, I got sentimental for that summer vacation feeling...remember when you were a kid and you woke up and had nothing to do?  Well, nothing but bask in the sun, go to the pool and eat popsicles with your friends on the front steps. 
  • A bluejay soaring overhead.
  • This house, one of my absolute favorites in the whole neighborhood...

I arrived home at 10:17am and was already dripping with sweat.  Summer, in all its glory, has definitely arrived in Texas!