Bike deliveries. (30 days of thankfulness - day 2)

Thankful today for the goodness of people who are willing to help without hestitation in the midst of catastrophe.  Our dear "Cuz," my dad's 80-something-year-old cousin, lives in Greenwich Village, NYC in the same tiny apartment she's lived her entire life.  Due to Hurricane Sandy, her power has been out for over 4 days now, and her tiny fragile frame is getting rather cold and hungry.  She cannot go out alone.  I found out yesterday she needed more food and candles until some of our family members could get to her.

A few texts later, our friend Jeff, who recently moved to Brooklyn from Dallas, kindly agreed to bike to her house today to bring her some food.

The grocery list:

  • eggs
  • chicken
  • salad
  • candles (sold out everywhere)
  • biscotti
  • italian bread (because let's be honest, a 100% Italian woman can only go so long without it)

This is what Jeff said, "It was weird riding around lower Manhattan with no electricity.  It was quiet and eerie.  Cops at every corner directing traffic.  Water stations at hydrants for people to fill up jugs.  Food donation centers.  The richest city in the U.S. is third world right now."

Please pray for power to return quickly, for multitudes of provision.  With all those who can get help, there are so many others who will fall through the cracks.

We love you, Cuz!  And God bless you, Jeff!

~ ~ ~

During the month of November, I'm practicing "30 days of thankfulness" - will you join me?  Use your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to voice your thankfulness for something every day in November.  My hope is that this daily routine will create in me a heart of thankfulness and gratitude, no matter the day or month or situation.