Top 5 Instagrams.

I'm playing along with my friends Marisa and Annie and sharing my Top 5 Instagram photos.  Fun!

I love Instagram for its simplicity. There are no fancy apps, games, or whatever - you can only upload photos, or like or comment on others' photos.  I absolutely love seeing snapshots of my friends' days - especially those who live far away.

So here are five of my favorites...

1.  Joyride.  This is easy - my husband completely in his element, when we took my mom's Jeep for a joyride last August in New Jersey.  Looking at this photo, I can practically feel the breeze on our faces and the freedom we felt that day.

2. Tree.  I pass this tree almost every day, but this day, I looked up.

3.  Daddy+daughter.  A sweet moment between my two loves.  Even better - it was during a massive thunderstorm.

4. Petals.  On one of my normal walking routes in the neighborhood about a month ago, I turned a corner to this exquisite sight.

5. Lips.  This photo makes me smile every single time.  Taken on a cool, cloudy day visiting friends on a farm in Athens, TX.

As for my favorite Instagram filters, I tend to use "Rise" and "Sierra" the most.

~ ~ ~


Link to your favorite Instagram picture [of your own or someone else's if you don't have Instagram]. Or write a post today on your own blog with five of your favorite Instagrams and link us to that! 

What is your favorite filter to use?