Amber necklaces for grownups.

Since my daughter was a few months old, she's worn a baltic amber necklace that was supposed to help with teething.  So many other mamas I know swore by them, saying as soon as they took the necklace off, the teething symptoms returned.  We had a tough time with teething even with the necklace, but one thing I noticed was that my daughter never once drooled during teething, except when the necklace wasn't on.  At 3 1/2-years-old, she still wears the necklace and it's still going strong!  We got it from Amber Artisans straight from Lithuania.

Then, recently, I came across these beautiful multi-colored baltic amber necklaces on Etsy for grownups, too - I just had to have this one with the charm engraved with my and Steven's initials and our wedding date.  Isn't it lovely?  I thought it would be the perfect pre-baby gift to myself to not only provide therapeutic benefits from the amber but also remind me to keep our marriage front and center...

The insert explains how baltic amber works.  And bonus, it came with a "you are beautiful" sticker - I first saw these stickers when I received some in the mail from my Instagram friend, mighty violet.  I love adding these stickers randomly to snail mail.  If you like them, you can order some here!