3 simple joys.

Here are 3 simple joys I've experienced lately...

Daddy/daughter moments.

Pure LOVE.  Enough said.

~ ~ ~

Baby pigtails.

Luci Belle finally has enough hair to pull into pigtails, although it's a little bit of a stretch.  She looks like such a big girl with them!  We got a kick out of it, until she pulled them out 2 minutes later.  I love the second photo above too, because if you look closely, she's has Steven's wedding ring around her big toe.  That was funny until it flew across the room and we almost lost it.  Oops.

~ ~ ~

Sweet potato hash.

This is a staple in our house, especially in the fall.  We must eat it 5 times a week in some form or fashion!  Sometimes we add diced bacon or other veggies.  If you can, use Japanese Sweet Potatoes - they're red on the outside, white on the inside, and so much sweeter and creamier than regular sweet poatoes.  Here's how to make the perfect sweet potato hash.