Hello, 2013.

Hello, 2013.  Let's do this. Let's be more organized and more grateful.  Let's read more books.  Let's send more snail mail.

I've created an inspiring little space on the hutch in the butler's pantry where my leafy green 2013 planner can live everyday, safe from toddler hands.  Set on a beaded flower mat, surrounded by smooth river stones from Colorado and a sweet gum tree pod, it's far better than my planner from last year which floated from room to room and is scribbled throughout with a two-year-old's artwork.  I love my daughter's artwork but not in mama's planner, please.

So, I thought I'd share a few of my 2013 goals - none too many or too lofty, but realistic and hopefully inspiring...

  1. Plan ahead better on birthdays.  I always turn my calendar page and realize there are birthdays coming up that I haven't planned for.  Even if it's just a handwritten card in the mail, I want to celebrate birthdays better this year. 
  2. Send more care packages.  I think it's time for another snail mail exchange!  Snail mail is good for the soul.
  3. Learn to knit. I want to make handwarmers and mug rugs and scarves and hats and all kinds of fun things.  A visit to Shabby Sheep might be in order.
  4. Read more books.  I'll try to do better than the scant 8 books I read in 2012.  Man, 2010 was a good reading year - all those hours spent rocking and nursing a newborn - 27 books!
  5. Sew & embroider more.  Funky curtains for the guest room, pillows and pillowcases, and a "mapron" (man-apron) for Steven.  I've got a lot of projects in my mind that need to become realities, like this adorable typerwriter pocket pillow from the latest issue of Country Living...

  6. Yoga.  I've been saying for the last two years that I want to get back into yoga regularly.  It's time.  There are even mommy + me yoga classes in our neighborhood for $8/class.
  7. Make it back to the northeast this summer.  This past August in New Jersey was very healing for me.  I'd love to go for a little less than a month this time, and for our little family to take a drive up to the beautiful Adirondacks in New York state for a few days.
  8. 365 days outside.  I was inspired by my Instagram friend Aimee of the blog Wild Boy Yonder who recently posted this - a commitment to be outside every single day for a year.  Here in Dallas, most of the year will be easy, but summer...ouch.  The summer is scorching here, but we can still commit to make it outside every day, if just to play in the sprinkler.


What are some of your 2013 goals, friends?  I'd love to know!