3 simple joys.

Here are 3 simple joys I've experienced lately...

Early morning emails from my dear Swiss pen pal, Monica. 

If you haven't heard about her, you should check out this post.  She is a gem!  This morning she sent this that made my day: "The Bailey family has a contagious smile, did you know that? It's one of your gifts to the world!"

~ ~ ~

Walks with my girl and her baby doll, Molly. 

I can't help but smile while looking at this picture.  I love having a girl.

~ ~ ~

Dallas weather in winter, spring, and fall. 

While most people are enjoying their summers outside, we're suffering in the sweltering 107 degrees.  But I have to say, Dallas makes up for it in winter, spring, and fall.  This "winter" we've had so many 60 & 70 degree days - the kind where your hair smells like the outdoors after you come inside for the day.  And your white toes are stained green from walking barefoot in the grass.