10 Tips For Gardening With Kids.

I recently wrote a guest post on 10 Tips for Gardening With Kids for the What's In The Bible blog.  If you have little ones, I hope you'll check out and get some fun ideas.  There are some vintage photos of Luci Belle as a toddler too :).

"Are your kids bouncing off the walls? Are you struggling with tiredness and a sour attitude? Here’s an idea: get your hands in the soil, and let your kids join you. Surround yourself with green. I promise, it will make everything better. God made us to be nourished by these things..."  {continue reading}

Choosing Structure As Freedom: Reflections on Lent.

Photo and design: Christine Bailey

Photo and design: Christine Bailey

Hi friends!  I'd love it if you'd check out my guest post on the What's In The Bible blog about Lent: Choosing Structure As Freedom.  I was able to process a lot while writing this.  Hope it speaks to you!

"I don’t think there’s anything wrong with “giving something up” for Lent – like I said, I’ve done it before. But as I can tend to be on the legalistic side, I don’t want Lent to be a temporary deprivation that creates a temporary piety in my heart that is soon forgotten after Easter Sunday. I don’t need another rule to follow, another thing to check off my list..." {read the rest)